Not bad! - Customer service is the pits
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Netherlands
I have used First Choice Phone card since the beginning, but often when I call overseas there is an echo on the line. Customer service is the pits. No service during the day. Mailbox full, even on a weekday, even for the general mailbox, no attendant avaliable. The price is good, but you get what you pay for.

Not bad!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls bangladesh
Like: no connection fee. Dislike: very hard to get connected have to try 5-6 times then can connect

Bad! - Used to be the best
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Thailand
This used to be a great card. Lately I've had a lot of problems with sound quality, busy phone lines and now when I try to call it tells me my account is active with another call which is impossible since I am the only one that knows the PIN. I tried customer service but the service and operator voice mailboxes are full. It's great...when it works. Don't expect any support.

Good! - A Pretty Good Card!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Hong Kong
I have no BIG complaints about the card. Call quality is up there, but there are times when you just cannot connect after several tries. Also, when I tried to call customer support during one evening when I could NOT connect at all, it lead me to a voice mail box that was FULL so I couldn't even leave a message nor could I reach anyone. That would be the biggest problem I have with this card as I had to buy another phone card from a competitor that day so I could make my call. This has only happened ONCE and am still satisfied with the rest of the service.

Not bad! - Getting worse
Reviewer: Ryan who calls Canada, US
The value of this card is unquestionably the best in the market. BUT, it seems that success is causing issues. I now have to call the local access number up to 8 or 10 times to get through without a fast busy signal, and also often receive the same fast busy signal (ie all circuits busy) AFTER successfully entering my PIN. In other words, I sometimes have to enter their number, then my callinig card number, then the number I'm calling - all multiple times. That's a lot of typing and a waste of time. If they have this many customers, they should be able to afford to purchase some more bandwidth...  

Excellent! - Great - But poor customer survive
Reviewer: Margaret Pursley who calls Canada & England
I have been trying to reach customer service for nearly 1 week but no call back. I wanted to know if I could purchase a card to call from Mexico to Home (Richmond Hill, Ontario) Other than that I love your card

Good! - Great deal
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada/USA
You can’t beat the price, and there are no hidden charges! My only criticism is that occasionally I will get a busy signal or the call will get dropped. This doesn’t happen very often though....all in all a great deal.

Excellent! - Very Good - got what I expected.
Reviewer: Myrtle who calls Canada to Canada
I used for Canada long distance, mostly Toronto to quebec and got the mins advertised and no problems. I will buy this again

Good! - Sometimes is good ... sometimes it isn't
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, Argentina
I have been using this card for a long time now. Lately, I have noticed that my calls get cut off after a minute or two into the call. I like the fact that a 10 dollar card lasts a long time since it has very cheap rates.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls India, Singapore, USA
First Choice has served me well and I continue to use their long-distance service.

Not bad! - Caution
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls US
These guys are cheap, and usually OK, but there are definite problems. Their access line is busy about 20 percent of the time. For the last two weeks, you enter the PIN and it doesn't even register. After 7 or 8 tries, I can sometimes get through. Be prepared to use another card a good chunk of the time.

Not bad! - Good pricing, bad connection to Thailand
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Thailand
Great rate for long distance calls but the connection is really bad. Usually I will need to call 2 to 3 times before I get a good connection. Even with a half decent connection, the conversations usually cut in and out. A few times I was not even able to call the connecting number, it was either busy or out of service. I will still use it though because of the great rate.

Excellent! - Good for China
Reviewer: Michael L who calls China
I used to use CiCi phone card from CiCi rate to china was 1.5c/min, but they changed it to 2c/m. I tried First Choice and found it gives better rates with even better quality.

Excellent! - Cheap and reliable
Reviewer: Lee who calls China

Excellent! - Good Card
Reviewer: Mike who calls USA
Excellent rate, good connection, exact minutes, no problems.

Reviewer: Roger who calls Canada, USA, UK, Germany
Wonderful card as advertised no problems at all!

Good! - Very good card comparing by others, I used locally for long distance
Reviewer: Tarik R who calls Canada
I used this card $5 for long distance in Canada, is not deducting too much as other cards, For me it is better than CiCi card. I didn't try to call other countries. So I am going to continue to use it.

Not bad! - Over all good, but sometime route to the wrong country, drop calls
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls USA and China
Sometime I can't get connected to China. Just now, which made me angry, I called USA for 2 minutes, before the call, the balance was $12, towards the end of the call, I heard the message: you have 1 min left for this call. and disconnected. The balance is 0 now!!!!!

Good! - pretty good
Reviewer: billiejoe who calls barbados & canada
Gives me lots of minutes and i've never had an issue with.

Excellent! - Good for any calls
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Indonesia
I've been using 2020 Calling Card before, which was good for one or two calls. Now I use First Choice, I can use for any number of calls, and actual cost is lower, even if use for longer calls.

Good! - Low cents/min to call USA
Reviewer: Ananth R who calls USA

Good! - great rate, but the expiry time ruins it
Reviewer: Devin who calls Canada
I have ordered a number of these cards. It is very convenient to order online and get instant access to the card and this card has a great rate and no extra fees. It would be perfect except for one glaring problem: the card expires after 90 days no matter how often you use it. Even if you just used it the day before it will still expire on the 90th day. This is really annoying because it makes it so you will never want to order a card worth more than $5. I tried ordering one for $10 bucks last time and it expired after I had used up around $6. So basically just never purchase more than $5 worth. You don't get more minutes for Purchasing larger amounts anyway.

Waste of money - busy signals!
Reviewer: Catherine who calls Canada
Have not been able to make any calls because I get nothing but busy signals when I dial the phone card number. When I tried dialing customer service, I got another busy signal!

Excellent! - Excellent Card
Reviewer: Jackie D who calls Canada, USA
I have been a customer of Ontario Phone Cards and using First Choice as my main LD server for about 3 years. Ontario Phone Cards service has always been prompt, courteous, and excellent. First Choice Cards have always worked well. I am grateful to have found this most satisfactory way of handling 90% of my long distance calls.

Not bad!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls France
I have been using this card since I moved to Canada 2 years ago to call my family in France. I was very happy with it(lots of time, pretty cheap and easy to use), but the quality of the communications has become very poor. My family has hard time hearing me when I call them.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls US / Italy
First Choice is an excellent card - you get the minutes you are promissed.

Excellent! - Great card, no problems
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, Austria
I had no problems with this card. Lines were always available and the call quality was good.

Good! - Good and Bad
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada and USA
Lots of minutes and no connection charges - a $10 First Choice phone card could last me a year (too bad it expires in 90 days). Would get a $5 card next time. However the connections are sometimes not great. Also, I found that at some point during calls that lasted longer than a few minutes, there is suddenly a loud static sound and the connection is lost. Compared to paying 35 cents/minute though, I think this card is worth the frustrations.

Good! - drops calls
Reviewer: Sam who calls South Africa
often drops calls as the other person says Hello. I reported it but got no response

Excellent! - Super value for chatty people
Reviewer: Sue who calls US & Canada
I am amazed at the rates for this card. So many cards have extra fees for each call placed, but First Choice is true billing only for minutes used. I left messages on my friend's machine and it only decreased my balance by 2 whole cents. I am really impressed. The only drawback is expiring 90 days from first use. It's hard to use up all that time with such a low rate. Perfect if you have a whole lotta talking to do within the 90 day period.

Bad! - disappointed
Reviewer: Michaela who calls Germany
Hi this phone card used to be good and now the line is so bad it barely works. I'm losing money and time by repeatedly dialing the same number over and over to just try and get through. I wrote a good review with 5 stars some time ago before this started happening and I wish I could take it back now.

Bad! - Unreliable Service
Reviewer: L.T. who calls Canada
This long distance plan is unreliable as it regularly drops calls, has background static on many calls, and is not always available (says the call can't be handled because of the quantity of calls). For example, in the past three days I have had: 4 dropped calls (and neither party is on a cell phone), once that the plan was not available, twice where I had to hang up and redial the call, because the background static was too loud to speak through, and 2 calls where I could barely hear the other party on the line. I have also experienced times when I can hear the other person, but they hear nothing on the line, and vise versa. I will not be purchasing another card, and will tell anyone I can what bad service I have received here.

Reviewer: Etienne M who calls Mauritius, France, Australia
I rate your card as a 5 stars because until now I had no problem with it. Nevertheless, I live in Quebec City and for the past few days, the phone number 418-210-2078 is always busy. Can you tell me what is happening and what you plan to do to solve this problem? I noticed that the phone numbers do work in Montreal and Ottawa...
Support comment: this problem has been corrected.

Waste of money - Totally FALSE advertised rate
Reviewer: Justin who calls Gabmia
Posted rate was 25 cents/min for the Gambia but I was charged 45 cents/min. Plus the card charged me 45 cents for a failed attempt where I was not connected to anyone at the other end. When I finally got through, call quality was very poor at the remaining $9.55 on the card only got me 21 minutes. I would never purchase this card.
Support comment: customer called to mobile phone. Calls to most overseas mobile phones are more expensive (with all long distance providers and carriers). Rates to mobile phones are separately listed. Example: Philippines, Philippines-Mobile.

Reviewer: Michele who calls Canada/UK
Excellent value. Card is expiring before I can use up the minutes - must talk more! Occasionally, line is very busy on major holidays but highly recommend.

Not bad! - Used to be better
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Malaysia
We used this card for several months and it was great. Last time we bought $20 card. We had lots of problems and were unable to use all of the minutes before it expired. Advice!! Buy $5 card and try it to see how well it works and even if it does do not buy more than $10 at a time.

Excellent! - Fantastic!
Reviewer: Yalda who calls Canada
Reasonably priced... hassle-free... never have a problem connecting... voice quality is No.1... and i dont work for firstchoice ;-)

Good! - is very reasonable and trustworthy
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Europe Middle East
I would like to be more phuse time between Access number and ( Enter your card number now ..)Because many people have not Memory number in their telephone or it is difficult to read and enter the number,. Also when we are using public phone and the partner line is busy we are loosing 50 Cents to the Bell Company . Is this card a Ontario Property ?

Excellent! - they are honest and give you real minutes
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Iran, USA, Canada, Sweden
i am happy with First Choice, and the minutes, i can use it for different countries. the only bugger is the noise that you might get once in a while, and you can just dial the access code again! alse remember to waith for 20 seconds after u put in your pin.

Excellent! - Best card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
Easy to use, lines almost always available, no per call charge.

Excellent! - Simply the best
Reviewer: Mausam, Halifax who calls Canada, US
First Choice is really a hassle free best economy card for long distances within Canada and US. I get less than 1.8Cents/min always and never had to do more than single dialing for making a call. Highly Recommended...

Reviewer: Dan Murphy who calls Canada
Easy to purchase online, the local access number is never busy, and you get what your paying for (that is what's advertised).

Good! - Great card, only rarely busy
Reviewer: Nathan Funk who calls Canada, Austria
Initially I had a few problems placing calls. I am not sure whether this was because I had just recently received the card, or because lines were busy. But within a few days I had no problems at all. I like the clear messages about remaining time and money.

Excellent! - No problems whatsoever... go for it!
Reviewer: Daniel who calls Brazil

Good! - amazing, I am happy I found it
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, USA, Iran
my dislikes: First Choice does not say "please"! it repeats the order so many tims, and does not give you time to dial the pin! if you dial the telephone number soon after it says it does not work! JUST small glitches, I still like working with it if i am nit in a rush

Bad! - Great at first, but I'm disappointed now.

Reviewer: Alex who calls Italy, Germany, USA, Canada
I've been using the First Choice card for a long time; well over a year and it has always been great. It has been used 99% of the time to call Italy on a daily basis...the same phone number every day. Recently though, when I call Italy, the last thing I hear is how many minutes I have for this call (that's normal) and that's it; the phone does not ring, yet it rings in Italy sometimes. They pick up the phone, but there is no answer. Yet when I call Germany the next minute to test the card, I can get through. Something is not connecting, either here or there. I've even been charged if I wait long enough hoping that I'll hear the phone ring.
Support comment: This problem has been corrected.

Good! - Expiry
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
Not good if you make lots of short calls, because the card expires after 3 months, and you lose whatever is left over. If you make lots of short calls, don't get the $20 First Choice card, because your leftover time will be lost, stick to $5 or $10 card.

Excellent! - Best Card in its Class
Reviewer: Khalid Mahmood who calls US/Canada
Best card I have used so far, very cost effective and economical, easy to use, quality of sound comparable (very rarely circuits busy, can be tolerated)over all performance 9 out of 10.

Good! - Mostly good
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Argentina
Sometimes there is echo, but mostly it is good.

Bad! - droped call periodically
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Indonesia
When I make a call. It's always dropped periodically. really not good quality

Reviewer: melinabondy who calls Canada mostly, Some to the States
Sometimes the local call line is busy. That's the only problem that I've had. The rate is great, consistent and no hidden charges. I'm now a repeat customer.

Excellent! - Love it!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Russia
The connection is really good. Always good. The rates may seem higher than other cards but there are no hidden fees.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
First Choice is one of the best phone cards i have ever used. for few calls...

Excellent! - Overall good
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Iran, UK

Excellent! - Overall an excellent card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Thailand
Good connection quality. Occasionally some line noise which may be due to cell network on the receiving end. Calling again usually corrects the problem.

Excellent! - Excellent
Reviewer: Paul who calls Ireland
First time using a phone card. I like this due to getting rid of my landline and being able to make long distance calls from just about anywhere for a reasonable cost.

Reviewer: Chris who calls Canada, US
That you see is what you get! No hidden costs, if First Choice tells you will have 777 minutes then that's what you will get. Clear reception every time I have used it so far. First Choice also offers more real minutes of talk time than any other card I've used on the market.

Excellent! - Awesome
Reviewer: Ann who calls Canada
Love this card! Great for LONG MULTIPLE CALLS!

Good! - Good but didn't know that money expired.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls India
I would have rated First Choice card 5 stars because the connection to India was excellent. But many times I had to call the access number a number of times before getting through and sometimes having to input my password 3 or 4 times before it was accepted. However, I'd buy it again because that inconvenience was worth having a good connection.

Not bad! - Fine For Canada, Australia Not So Much
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, Australia
Tried calling Australia and kept getting fast busy. Called Canadian number, no problem. Still cannot connect to Australian Number. I'll have to try something else.....

Good! - Occasional break
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Malaysia
Voice quality is okayish. Line was broken once in a while.

Waste of money - Was good, now terrible...
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Iran
First Choice was a nice phone card, but now the service is terrible...

Waste of money - always busy
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
What good is a cheap rate if you can never access the service? We've tried dozens of times and only got through once. Pretty lousy service.
Support comment: This problem has been corrected.

Good! - good deal
Reviewer: melvin moler who calls US, Canada
Everything about this card is very good except the fact that it expires 90 days after 1st use. If not for that, it would be ideal.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Israel, Russia, Germany
First Choice is excellent phone card!

Not bad! - Number Issues
Reviewer: CJ who calls Canada
I loved this card because of the value but recently they changed all the local numbers to call to use the card and there was no notification or fwding saying that the number was changed or anything; I was very disappointed when I had to go all the way back into town to find out that the numbers were changed. I'm out of reach for the internet for 4-6 weeks at a time and to not be able to use my card was very upsetting.

Excellent! - Excellent connection
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Russia
Never have any problems with this card. Connection is really good.

Excellent! - Good Time
Reviewer: Vanessa who calls Ireland
The card actually keeps the rates and minutes that it advertises. I have not found a better calling card for an Ireland landline than this one. It is the only one I buy and I buy a new one every two weeks or so.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls England
simple to use, clear connections